Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Switching to

This post is not only intended for users of but also applicable for users of the domains supported by Google Apps

Changing and Managing your Email address:
                 This is the biggest challenge for anyone, changing the email address to  <Email> I will list out simple procedure for this.

  • Set forward email address in your existing email account on standard sites like Gmail, Yahoo etc.,
  • If your existing site doesn’t support mail forwarding, setup POP3 service in mail settings. For any clarification on setting POP3,  contact your Email service provider.
  • Importing contacts, save all your contacts to CSV file using Export feature provided by almost every email provider. Use that CSV file to import contacts.
  • Start using your <Email> for future subscriptions.
  • Reply to the mails from domain instead of replying from existing mail accounts. Which will make your friends know your new mail ID.
  • The mails can be checked from your GPRS enabled mobile phone too. Each page in has WAP version and hence there is no need to enter a different address for mobile phones.

Switching IM:  
                   This is applicable for only Google talk users. Other IMs are not supported at this time.

  • All Gmail contacts can be added in IM service for as it is based on Google talk. This is little bit painful but advantageous in some cases.
  • Painful because each GTalk contact shall be added again
  • Advantageous because, it prevents Orkut contacts to be added to IM.

Maintaining sub domain: 
                   User is responsible for maintaining their sub domain with use of Google sites. However to setup a sub domain, user shall contact admin of the domain.

Maintaining Blog:
                   Once again user is solo responsible for maintaining blog. We suggest using instead of Why we suggest for this is, simply because it supports free custom domain forwarding option. 
To setup  blog, user shall contact admin of domain.


For any additional queries, contact admin.


Viswandh said...

This is good. I will implement it.

Zita said...

Well, now i feel strong enough on Changing and Managing my Email address and let me implement this in future. Thanks for taking time to discuss it.
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