Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Telugu English Dictionary 0.4 Beta

My heartily thanks to all the users who have used dictionary versions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 Beta respectively. And with all the feedback I received till date and with some of my own ideas I’m releasing 4th version of the Telugu English dictionary. Can be downloaded from http://www.miriyala.in/dl/TE2EN.zip?attredirects=0
Write your views and ideas as comments or email.

What’s new with 0.4 Beta?

  • Simplified user interface
  • Automatic language detection for conversion
  • New features Random word, History and Telugu writer
  • Improved meaning display style, includes links for feedback and highlights the word in the example (if any)
  • Improved application loading time
  • Improved help documentation (includes steps to solve standard square box issue)
  • Solved vista user rights issue
  • Downgraded to .Net 2.0 from .Net 3.5
  • Reduced RAM consumption

Performance improvements:

  • RAM consumption was reduced hugely which makes application to run in back ground with out disturbing other processes
  • Improved startup time of application

What are new features and how those are useful?

  • Telugu Writer:
    To type a Telugu word, with previous versions of dictionary user has to depend on third party tools such as MS IME, LEKHINI, GOOGLE INDIC etc., Now the latest version comes up with a built in writer software that enables users to type in Telugu directly with out opening other software.
    Telugu writer operates in two ways with dictionary
    • With typing language chosen to “Telugu”, user can type in Telugu directly from the query text box
    • With an additional option Telugu writer tool , user can type in long paragraphs and copy to clipboard.
  • Random word:
    Random word feature will display a random word from both Telugu and English dictionary data bases with a configurable timer and opacity options. This comes with standard playback controls “Back, Forward, Play/Pause, Stop”.
  • History:
    All searched words and displayed random words will be stored with date and time stamp of the session. Simple history management option included.

Screenshots of the application running in Windows Vista SP2:

Application initial screen
Initial screen
Telugu to English Meaning
Telugu to English
English to Telugu Meaning
English To Telugu
Telugu Writer
History screen
Random word screen
Help screen
 Help Screen
Options Menu
Tray Menu
About screen

Note: If anyone want to be part of this development and share the ideas, send an email or write a comment.