Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Technology used behind

Buying Domain:
                       Our domain provider is, We just bought the domain with out the file hosting service. They charged ~4USD per year.

Setting up Domain services:
                      The basic services required for any website are Email Tags: ,

and file hosting. But to get those services from our domain provider, we need to pay more than 40USD per year. To keep the price low and the services effective, we opted for Google Apps. For a review of Google Apps, visit the review written on Pradeep’s Blog

Why Google Apps?
                      Many of the existing users use Google services extensively and to maintain seamless feeling of switching to use our services, we opted for Google Apps. Also, it requires less interaction to maintain. Less complex and more reliable service. 

For blogging: 
                     Providing blogging support is being challenge from many days, because Google Apps doesn’t provide any blogging support. Hence we opted a third provider, the famous blogger. In fact the same can be done with but which will cost more 10$/year.

For Sub domains:

                    For all users, we can provide sub domains with help of domain mapping feature from Google Sites for Google Apps.

Challenges We’re facing: 
                     Providing a Signup form for users. This feature is available from Microsoft Live. However we will not be moving to Microsoft Live. 
                      Automatic creation of blog address and sub domains. These creation can only be done by admin at this moment. Hence for creating blog/sub domain one has to use the channel through interaction with admin. Hence it will consume some time.
             will return in a page not found error, while can only open the home page

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Zita said...

Well, i was not aware of this. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.
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